St Faustina

Supporting Communities Through
Rural Outreach Programs
Welcome To St Faustina
Medical Center
We work with individuals and other organisations
to extend support to people
in need throughout Uganda
Welcome To St Faustina
Medical Center
Welcome To St Faustina
Medical Center
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About St. Faustina Community Health Centre

St Faustina community health center is a unique center located 45 km NW of Kampala. It is part of the Luweero sub region of Uganda, south of Nakaseke district, Semuto county, Bulema Village. It is officially registered by the government of Uganda as a health center III rural medical facility

The center was constructed in the period 2006-2009 by Fr Silvester Bukenya; with assistance from the Global children’s foundation, a UK based charity led by Noreen Barrister and friends Alison Warder and Richard Da costa.

Rural Community Outreach

In order to address the causes of disease, the center continues to carry out community outreach programs.

These focus on:

  1. Child care
  2. HIV/Aids awareness
  3. Covid-19 awareness
  4. General sanitation
  5. Safe Motherhood

Where possible, much needed items like shoes and clothes are provided to the participants.


Providing Medical Care

In 2009, the center received basic medical equipment from med-aid international, a UK based charity with a team led by Tim Beacon. The center continues to rely on this basic equipment for its operations.

Our main areas of intervention include

Current Support & Prospects

The center has recieved tremendous support from the Parish of St.Marys of the Angels in Worthing through the Justice and Peace group. The donation was made through The Justice & Peace Group. This has included:
  3. Over 1000 optical glasses
  4. ORTHOPAEDIC INSTRUMENTS including 300 walking sticks
  5. GENERAL MEDICAL ITEMS. Without this ongoing support the center would not have managed to go through the crises of the last three years.


  1. We are eager to engage more DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS especially from the United Kingdom. We need help to expand our physical structures in
    order to meet the demands of the ever increasing number of patients. In this we need help to construct a MATERNITY BLOCK and an operating THEATER.
  2. The center is eager to receive VISITS from medical practitioners/specialists/volunteers to engage with the community in the
    treatment of tropical deseases. Common problems include Hernia, Glaucoma, Genaecological ailments, Malnutrition and Malaria.
  3. The center needs urgent assitance with a an AMBULANCE to assist our outreach in this very rural area of Uganda.
  4. We need support to set up A NURSES TRAINING CENTER that will benefit to provide personeel for the rest of the district.
  5. We need assistance to set up a SOUP KITCHEN for the vulnerable residents that cannot afford to have a meal. We have already started on this work but it needs expansion.


The center has in the past collaborated with medical-aid international (UK), to acquire basic medical equipment. ​ The center has also obtained invaluable support from the parish of St Mary of the Angels in Worthing (West Sussex-UK) especially with the Covid-19 response, community outreach (shoes&glasses donations) and the provision of various medical utilities. ​

The center continues to seek international partners to help it build on its success and enhance its services to an ever-growing Ugandan population with a complexity of new diseases and medical challenges.

We seek partners with whom we can collaborate in some or all the following areas:​

  • 1. Nurses training
  • 2. International Clinical staff exchange/visitation
  • 3. Covid-19 response
  • 4. Physical structure upgrading
  • 5. International Representation
  • 6. Soliciting for much needed medical equipment (used or new)
  • 7. Public Health engagement & Collaboration

Water tank donated by St Mary of the Angels and Holy Family Parish Worthing and Lancing, United Kingdom.

The health center received a water tank as a donation from St. Mary of the Angels and Holy Family Parish, Worthing and Lancing, United Kingdom to harvest rain water from the roof of the center. The donation was made through The Justice & Peace Group.

We thank you whole heartedly for this amazing gesture and may God bless you all.